Saturday, January 06, 2007

January Jonquils!!

Every year here in lovely North Georgia, I venture out on the first day of February to look for Spring. I find great joy in knowing that somewhere about our fair city, if I search long enough, I will find at least one little daffodil shooing away the winter, even if it has to poke above a rare dusting of snow. Here it is, January 6, 2007, and the buds on this little clump of jonquils in my front yard are already showing yellow. And if you look carefully you will see that one little bud has begun to open. Today was the fourth day in a row that Sheila and I (and Lil, twice) have walked a least a couple of miles through downtown in our shirt sleeves. I know these are only anecdotal evidences of warming trends but - I swanie! - there sure have been an awful lot of warm winters lately.

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