Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Hitting the Nail on Its Head

Peggy Noonan and other apologists for the neo-con/Republican disaster of the last six years point to the verbal gaffes, inelegant vocabulary, and tortured speech patterns of the President as the cause of the remarkable lack of positive response in the public to his much ballyhooed speech last week. That's hogwash in the well-expressed Oh!Pinion of our blogosphere friend SW Anderson:
"Bush’s communication failure and inability to persuade have nothing to do with awkwardness in expressing himself. Rather, the problem is Bush’s record of dishonesty, lack of candor, [and] disrespect for facts..."
I read Oh!Pinion! every day for SW's clear, creative, incisive prose and his well considered analysis. He strikes the nail squarely on the head today.

SW, if you ever make it from (Is it Iowa?) to Rome, Georgia, I hope you will stop by and let Sheila and me treat you to some sweet tea and a good meal.

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