Saturday, March 24, 2007

Learning in the Great Outdoors

The very first edition of Learning in the Great Outdoors: The Carnival of Environmental Education is coming right up and , so far, the response has been.... well, underwhelming. I have had three submissions, two of which seem to be pure spam.


Pass it along, if in your surfing you've run across websites or blogposts that you have found useful in
  • teaching about the environment
  • learning about the environment
  • enjoying the environment
..or just a site that includes some remote connection to enviromental enjoyment, preservation, recycling, destruction, hiking, nature trails, environmental policy...

Even better, write a post about the environment and ways you learned in the outdoors!

From my original call for submissions:

If you are an educator, a parent, a science buff, a naturalist -- anyone interested in sharing nature with children, I hope you will join our monthly conversation. Maybe you have a memory of a great outdoor learning experience that you participated in as a child. Maybe your children had a teacher who provided wonderful experiences in the natural world. Maybe you just visited a great nature center and saw a program that we all could profit from. Maybe you chanced upon a website that provides some great insight into the environment. Whatever your contribution, please share. You may use the handy submission form in the sidebar to the right. I promise to fix the picture soon. The first edition will be out on April Fools' Day -- no significance there, I hope.

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