Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sunday Seven: Pics from a Month at School

1. The Rewards of School Fundraising (The Penny Drop)
Our class won a Limo ride to the pizza parlor...

The secretary got pied...

and the assistent principal kissed a goat (a three-day-old kid!)

2. Faux-spring Days on the Nature Trail

Tell this little beauty that it's not Spring yet!

Can you find the little lizard, all warm and active?

Or these little lizards burning with Spring Fever?

3. Science Fair

164 projects in all, 84 from my students --
from extracting DNA to attracting wildlife with bobcat urine!

4. Tornado Drill
We take these things seriously here 'bouts.

5. Valentines Day
I was good -- I stayed on the diet and gave all those little heart-shaped boxes away.

6. Recess
One of our environmental studies this year we call "Metatarsal Mayhem": we are studying the effect of foot-traffic on our playground. It is significant.

7. My student teacher with her Show 'n' Tell
I do love to hold babies!


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