Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Learning in the Great Outdoors

I hope you will join the very first edition of Learning in the Great Outdoors: The Carnival of Environmental Education. As I searched online for other educators who are working to use the environment as a context for all kinds of learning, I began to wish for a clearing house for that topic. Finding none I hereby audaciously set out to do the deed myself.

If you are an educator, a parent, a science buff, a naturalist -- anyone interested in sharing nature with children, I hope you will join our monthly conversation. Maybe you have a memory of a great outdoor learning experience that you participated in as a child. Maybe your children had a teacher who provided wonderful experiences in the natural world. Maybe you just visited a great nature center and saw a program that we all could profit from. Maybe you chanced upon a website that provides some great insight into the environment. Whatever your contribution, please share. You may use the handy submission form in the sidebar to the right. I promise to fix the picture soon. The first edition will be out on April Fools' Day -- no significance there, I hope.

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