Saturday, March 03, 2007

Romney: Coulter speech "a good thing"

Governor Mitt Romney believes that Jesus preached among the horse-riding!, steel-using!, pre-Columbian Indians and that Joseph Smith found some gold tablets with that whole astounding new chapter of history engraved on them (sometimes in King James' or Shakespeare's words a thousand years before either lived) -- I'll try not to hold that against him: Harry Reid shares those same strange beliefs. I personally know a number of fine up-standing folk who are Mormons. I happen to believe their religion is among the goofiest of major cults. But I would consider an otherwise level-headed Mormon for President if I shared his/her ethical, moral, and political views.

Despite my disbelief in Mormonism (Sorry Rachel, I respect your right to believe it, but it doesn't fly in my book of mixed metaphors), his astonishing religious beliefs do not disqualify Brother Mitt.

But Mr. Romney also believes that Ann Coulter occupying a prestigious conservative podium to rant about "faggots" is "a good thing". It is fine to afterwards admit to the outragegeousness of her comments, but you, Mr. Mitt, knew of her previous vile words. Any conservative who treats Ann Coulter as a legitimate spokesperson for his cause has lost his moral compass and I can no longer give his moral, ethical, or political judgments any credence. Period.

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