Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Monday Poetry Stretch the First

Tricia at The Miss Rhumphius Effect, one of my favorite bloggers and this month's host of Learning in the Great Outdoors, has issued a challenge. Why don't you join us?
We will write a poem every Monday, using a form that Tricia chooses. This week she has provided a short list of rhyming words. Your job, should you accept the challenge, is to write a poem using the given end rhymes in the order given. You have a ten-minute time limit.

Joan, Mother, Carol, Mike, Jane, Craig? Come all you poets.
Here are the rhymes:

nest, rest, flight, sight, flower, hour, wing, sing

Write yours now before you scroll down to mine.

The words evoked a memory of upsetting, accidentally, a cardinal nest in a shrub 25 years ago, breaking the eggs, and having to witness the grieving of the pair of parents as they flew about the bush, chirping, inconsolable. I'm not quite satisfied, but here are the results of my efforts:

A Song Unsung

I brushed the bush, upset the nest.
One egg rolled free and came to rest
against my foot. Another step would end its flight.
The robin germ would know no sight,
would pull no worm, admire no flower.
No second, minute, year or hour
to splash the bath or take to wing.

Shall I put it back? Could I hear it sing?
- Terrell Shaw
Addition, 1-03-08: Want to hear me read this poem? Here's the podcast.

Check out Tricia's poem here.

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