Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sunday Concert: PP&M, 1963/2007

PP&M, 1963
If I Had a Hammer

Peter, Paul, and Mary appear at Chastain Park Amphitheater in Atlanta often. On several occasions our family - along with our friends, the Wares - have made the trip down to witness one of PP&M's outstanding outdoor concerts. So when we learned they were scheduled to sing there again this year we got online and made our reservations -- for Richard and Teresa and ourselves.

Then Richard mentioned that he was doing a slide presentation for a botany group in Atlanta on Saturday following the Friday concert, we suggested that we get a couple of hotel rooms in the big city, and stay over so Sheila and I could also see the slide show. Richard made the non-refundable hotel reservations for us.

Then we got the word. Mary's healing from back surgery has taken longer than she had hoped and the Chastain concert is cancelled!

Anybody know of great Friday evening entertainment in Atlanta?

Well, here's PP&M as they are supposed to look and sound in 1963, introduced by Pete Seeger in the present age.

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