Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Real Tea Party

The Fox News viewers around the country are all het up to tea-bag our waterways in protest of the fact that their taxes just went down! Well, I doubt you'll find many rich folks besides Sean Hannity tea-bagging today. He and his ilk are the guys who are not getting tax breaks under the Obama administration.

My friend Mike Bock has posted a good article from Vic Harris contrasting these modern "tea baggers" with the Boston tea partiers:

The modern day “Tea-baggers” are not protesting their lack of representation. They are protesting taxes in general. Tax protest is always “red-meat” for conservatives, but, the fact is, President Obama and the Democrats have just passed the largest middle-class tax-cut in history. Let me write that again: the largest middle-class tax-cut in history. Most Tea-Baggers, I imagine, have incomes of less than $250,000 a year, so most Tea-baggers, therefore, are protesting high taxes even though President Obama and the Democrats just cut their taxes. For the rich conservatives who will watch the protests at home on the “Fair and Balanced” Fox “News,” a network that has been shamelessly promoting the events, their taxes will go up in 2010, but will still be 10 percentage points lower than they were under their Patron Saint Ronald Reagan.
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