Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Old Leaves:Young at Heart at the Christmas Parade

I continue to recycle old Christmas posts. Here's one from 12/11/2005:

Daddy's Roses writes good advice today about staying young. My wife keeps me from aging quite so quickly by dragging me to, among other things, the Christmas Parade. The Median Sib writes today of a Tennessee Christmas Parade. Sounds a lot like the Rome, Georgia parade to me. We don't have tractors, except the tractor-trailor variety.

We had to go the the parade when our kids were little because it is a part of common law that little kids have to go to the Christmas Parade. We braved the elements to watch in their school years because they were in the parade (band, scouts, school floats, etc.) and there is a well-established law that requires parents to attend when kids are on display. This year we had no child in the parade. Sheila drug me there anyway.

And I'm glad she did.

We have float competitions, so there are always floats with someone holding an award plaque. And each participant has a number. We have about 120 or so. Several bands, businesses, radio stations, churches, scout troops, civic groups, Ret Hat ladies, Shriners, Sons of Confederate Vets, retirement homes, and, of course, Miss This, Miss That, and Little Miss the Other.

Up and down the crowds roam venders hawking glow sticks, balloons, etc. All very picturesque -- and youthifying, I'm sure.

The pics I appended above were taken by Lillian.

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