Saturday, June 23, 2007

In The Year 2040, If Man Is Still Alive ...

Democracy Clubs: Thoughtful Honesty
Applied to Compelling Questions

I remembered my old blog, written October of 2006, that imagines Nancy Pelosi making a speech: “I Am Determined To Focus the Attention Of Congress on Important Questions.” Nancy, in my imagination, asks congress to provide resources for a thorough study of several key questions. Nancy says:
The following questions stem from a central responsibility of leadership -- preparation for the future. If we are to bequeath to our children and grandchildren a democratic and free nation, a prosperous and peaceful future, we need to find the courage to participate in honest, open, and clear thinking. We must begin to answer compelling questions about the future.
  • How can the United States become a more effective democracy?
  • How can the United States help more of its citizens to develop and reach their individual potentials?
  • What economic policies would best help create more prosperity for all Americans as well as more world wide prosperity?
  • How can world poverty be eliminated?
  • What are the reasons for terrorism and what US policies would lead to terrorism being diminished or eliminated?
  • What are the causes for war and what policies could the US follow that would help decrease the chances of war in the world?
  • What policies should the US follow so that the danger of nuclear poisons and nuclear weapons may be eliminated?
  • What policies should the US follow to develop energy?
  • What policies should the US follow to best protect the environment, both worldwide and nationally?
Now that the Democrats have a forum of leadership, we need to demonstrate our commitment to the common good via clear thinking and shared problem solving; we need to structure a thoughtful process that shows no fear of objectivity and truth, and that seeks the best insights and ideas.

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