Sunday, June 24, 2007

Call for Submissions!

The July edition, our fourth, of Learning in the Great Outdoors, the Carnival of Environmental Education, is coming soon. Please make a submission and get your submissions in ASAP! Use the handy submission link in the LIGO box -- scroll down to the right.

  • Are there outdoor education sites that you have visited whose websites we could link to?
  • What are your memories of ways your teachers - formal or informal - used the outdoors to help you learn? Write a post and submit a link to it.
  • Teachers, naturalists, docents, student teachers: what activities, lessons, field trips, observations, have worked with your students? Write about it, and submit a link.
  • Have you run across a great outdoor video on youTube? Submit a link.
  • Have you observed some interesting wildlife in your own backyard or on a trip. Report on it and submit a link.
  • Do you believe man-caused global warming is a crock of unpleasant biological waste? Or settled science? Exaggerated? Underreported? Vent and link!
  • Do you have a great group of nature pics in your Flickr album? Send a link.
  • Do you know a great outdoor educator? Ask them to send a link or two.
  • Do you have an ancient post from months or years ago that would be a great addition to Learning in the Great Outdoors? Send the link.
  • Do you have a favorite field guide? Tell us about it.
In the July edition I will show off some wildlife photos my daughter Lillian took on her recent three-week mission trip to Kenya.
We will find out about eating wildflowers!
I will report on my workshops at the annual "EIC" Reunion Conference last week where I learned:
  • a building can be built very green.
  • my elementary students can participate in a University of Georgia project to learn more about parasites on monarch butterflies.
  • that the PTA in Georgia has a wonderful Science Night set of centers on Migratory Birds that can be checked out by Georgia public, private, and home educators.
  • Jerry Hightower, Georgia's wonderful National Park Service naturalist, "Has Backpack, Will Travel".
  • a lot about the geology of Georgia (an area of ignorance for me.)
Send those links!

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