Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thirteen Ideas to Get me Back on Track with Thursday Thirteen

I have neglected my duties as a Thursday Thirteener. So maybe if I come up with Ideas to use for the next quarter year, I'll do better.

1. 13 ways Sheila and I are alike or different.
2. 13 folks I really admire (outside family).
3. 13 interesting plants on our school nature trail.
4. 13 ideas for the new school year.
5. 13 birds that visit my feeder.
6. 13 students I'll never forget.
7. 13 places I'd like to see in my life.
8. 13 names to drop (foul, fascinating, or famous folk I've met).
9. 13 unforgettable moments from 60 years on Earth.
10. 13 moments I'd like to forget, maybe.
11. 13 interesting sights (or sites?) along our usual evening walk downtown.
12. 13 things I should be doing instead of this.
13. 13 Thursday Thirteen topics for the next quarter.

Now, you folks feel free to send along your suggestions for content for these, or additional topics. (Sheila is already working on #12, I'll bet!)

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