Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Poetry Stretch: Bouts-Rimés 2

Tricia at The Miss Rumphius Effect asks us to write a poem every Monday, using a form that she chooses. This week she has provided a short list of rhyming words. Your job, should you accept the challenge, is to write a poem using the given end rhymes in the order given.

Here are the rhymes:
hour, tower, thought, fought, hand, grand, teem, dream
For me this poem stubbornly refused to smile. I don't know why. I feel pretty good.


I climbed the trail for a solid hour,
then up the ladder of the old fire tower.
Strange that tears should come, I thought.
Damned despair and wild wonder fought.
I shaded my eyes with a lifted hand,
Weeping and laughing at a sight so grand -
A clinging leaf among billions that teem
and drift through this autumn dream.
- Terrell Shaw

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