Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Wealth of Candidates

Have we ever had such a wealth of candidates for President in the Democratic party?

I am honestly disappointed to think of any one of these candidates bowing out. I would be thrilled and honored to campaign for any one of them. They are all brilliant thinkers and high-minded, principled statemen. They each seem to have a comfort in him/herself. Each has dealt day in and day out with the issues as a member of the Senate. There seems nothing in these guys of the bluster and bullying that mark lesser lights like Bush or Nixon.

Of course, as senators, they have long voting records that can be picked, parsed, and pummeled by Republican slimers. We rarely elect senators as President and maybe that's why. Every senator who has voted to approve a final budget has made major compromises and can be shown to have voted for something outrageous.

Somehow, I think each of these guys is more ready for the Swiftboaters than were Dukakis and Kerry.

And I think each of these will heed Sen. Jim Webb's Iraq advice:
"We got into this war recklessly, we need to get out of it carefully"

Joe Biden
- has a strong foreign policy background and a realistic plan for Iraq.

Hillary Clinton
- worked side by side with Bill Clinton in the White House for eight years and she would be an inspiring role model for little girls in our country.

Chris Dodd
- like Biden, has strong foreign policy credentials and real experience

John Edwards
- has fire in the belly, eloquence, comfort in his own skin --just a dynamic leader

Barack Obama
- exudes charisma, self-assurance, reasonableness, eloquence, and what a potential for inspiring minorities in our country.

I may vote for the last one I hear before I enter the booth early in 2008. Can you imagine America passing on any one of these candidates for a Guiliani or Thompson or Romney?

I'll be interested to hear how some of my fellow Democrats rank the candidates three months away from the first caucus.

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