Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sunday Seven: Blessed Coworkers

Today I celebrate those who do their part!

Yesterday a bunch of my coworkers gave up their Saturday morning to get dirty and sweaty and itchy to help kick off our Big Project with a campus clean up. Here's to..

  1. Stacy who organized the clean-up, hauled the cases and cases of water (donated by her husband's business) to school, set up sign-in/release sheets, hauled off trash, stationed workers, and more.
  2. Newlywed Sarah who worked with Stacy.
  3. Marsha who signed us up with Rivers Alive and came despite some major health issues to sweat with the rest of us.
  4. Dependable Avis who drove down from Summerville and kept watch on the "between the wings" workers.
  5. Allien (pronounced Alan) who brought truck and loppers and slipped and slid on the steepest section and had to gather the yuckiest stuff.
  6. Rachel, who brought along her new fiance, and made quick work of the south hillside, then joined my crew at the back.
  7. and for number seven -- the other teachers who worked out of my sight, mostly -- on the main campus, playground, and along the roads. This included Ann Marie, Tammie, and several others whose names I don't have right now. I know the campus looks great!
In addition to these co-workers, of course, were students, parents, grandparents, and a big group of Shorter College volunteers.

Thank you!!

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