Friday, March 21, 2008

Another Angry Black Preacher

E. J. Dionne has written a good post on the uproar over Rev. Jeremiah Wright's intemperate words and Sen. Barack Obama's historic speech of last Tuesday.
Let's ask the hard question about the Rev. Jeremiah Wright: Is he as far outside the African American mainstream as many of us would like to think?

Because Barack Obama's speech on race in America was so candid about both the legitimacy of black and white grievances -- and the flaws in those grievances -- it carried the risk of offending almost everyone.

A man who, by parentage, is half black and half white took it upon himself to explain each side's story to the other. Obama resembled no one so much as the conciliatory sibling in a large and boisterous family, shouting: "Please, please, will you listen to each other for a sec?"
Check it out.

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