Saturday, March 01, 2008

Jonquils from our yard and bugs on Mama's house

As I gave the yard its first trim of the year in the late afternoon sun today I glanced to the west. The lovely backlit jonquils prompted me to cut the power and go for the camera:

While I was at it I took a few other pics of our assorted jonquils:

Earlier in the day I had given Mother's yard the once over. As we were talking in the yard Mother asked if knew what all those bugs were.

Sure enough, closer inspection of black clumps on the side of her house revealed big clusters of insects with the telltale x on their backs: true bugs, order Hemiptera.

I guessed milkweed bug.

I took lots of shots. Home again I checked Bug Guide. It looks like Eastern Boxelder Bug (Leptocoris trivittatus).

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