Monday, October 06, 2008

Palling Around with Palin

Whatever honor John McCain showed in the Hanoi Hilton evidently got used up there. His campaign announced over the weekend that they plan to "turn the page" on the campaign by running attacks against Barack Obama for his acquaintances. (See our previous post) Never mind Sarah's "keep up the good work!" to Alaskan separatists. Never mind McCain's visits to the Bahamas as the guest of Charles Keating. Never mind McCain's praise of Gordon Liddy. For that matter never mind Phil Gramm.

McCain, understandibly wants to "turn the page" on the economic implosion. Especially since his misdeeds with Keating in the eighties led to problems very similar to those we confront now.

Here's McCain's vicious running mate probably winking as she heaves the slime. (Click the pic.)

Barack Obama's campaign has stayed almost exclusively positive, only attacking on matters of voting record or in response to McCain's mud-slinging. McCain's campaign is now 100% slime. Here comes another desperation Hail Mary pass from erratic John McCain. This one looks very wobbly and weak to me and just might get picked off. It looks like McCain has set the precedent that allows his opponents to bring up his part in the Keating Five affair, a scandal that actually took place while McCain was senator, with McCain's direct involvement, for which he was reprimanded by the Senate, and that relates very directly to the current economic scandal.

And the market just dipped below 10,000.

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