Sunday, October 19, 2008

Powellful Endorsement

In what is surely a good omen, climbing through bricks piled by some workmen here at the house a few weeks ago, a dahlia plant blooms gloriously. I had completely overlooked it till we started out for a walk awhile ago. Thanks, Mike! I'd put its beauty up against any of yours. A bit more lonely than yours perhaps, but gorgeous! I suspect three-quarters of the population would admire this flower.

A person admired in America by all but the opposite endpoints of the political spectrum spoke eloquently today of why he has decided to endorse Barack Obama for President of the United States. When you look at the centrist, level-headed, patriotic group that Barack Obama has put together to advise him on domestic and international issues; when you look at the way he has reached for advice without regard to age, sex, race, or political party; when you look at the dignity, moderation, inclusiveness, intelligence, openness, thoughtfulness, and eloquence of his campaign; how could you pay attention to the mean-spirited, culture-warfaring, small-minded, campaign of his opponent?
Listen to Gen. Colin Powell's earnest, unreserved endorsement of Barack Obama.

Endorsements change few minds. But I think this one might help to solidify the impression among the majority that Barack Obama is who he appears to be and not the cartoon drawn by his opponents. Obama is, indeed, the leader we need at this time. He is a transformational figure. And potentially a great President.

The image of the Muslim mother at Arlington National Cemetery was very moving to me. Here is the young man's stone.

When I think of the Republican misuse of religion in politics, I think of the 15 year old former student whom I ran into at a festival yesterday. A great kid. All American. And Muslim. I could see him joining the service in just a few years. If he were to, he would be an exemplary soldier. And he has as much right to aspire to the Presidency as any other American teenager.

(Edited for clarity, 10/20/08)

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