Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Presidential Timbre

I would like to think my little donations helped to finance Barack Obama's effort tonight to communicate more completely with the American people about his life, his beliefs, and his plans for our nation. What an improvement over the 30 second hit ads of the usual campaign. And what a contrast to the silly "celebrity" "socialist" "terrorist" ads of his opponent. Did you count how many times the names "McCain" or "Bush" were uttered in the 30 minutes? Zilch. None. Nada. How refreshing. The candidate presented his case positively. With real people to illustrate the reasons for his policies and plans. I hope he gained a wide audience.

What an immense pleasure it is to campaign for such an inspiring candidate. America is fortunate to have this man at this critical time.

Don't stop working, friends. Let's help Barack Obama gain the kind of victory that will enable him to accomplish a healing of the country and a restoration of our nation's economy and America's reputation in the world.

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