Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The O Wins Again! & Ramblings...

Like a poster on Daily Kos I have enjoyed Barack Obama's campaign logo. It is at once evocative of tradition, patriotism, and change.

As early as the mid to late fifties I had ink in my veins. I loved "helping" my Dad with church bulletins and newsletters. Scratching out little bits of pics on stencils with a special stylus was high art to me. Then getting good and messy with the mimeograph machine. As an editor of our college newspaper -- fellow occupant of the Limb, Mike, was my editor-in-chief! -- I greatly enjoyed laying out a page. I felt satisfaction in arranging type, photographs, art, and white space in a pleasing way on the page. When I was involved in a folk trio I spent hours trying to design a logo and promotional brochure for our group. This has continued as an interest of mine through my ill-fated business efforts -- a newspaper, a magazine and a freelance desktop publishing venture. I still occasionally see a logo I designed around town.

So the self-taught graphic designer in me enjoys seeing the interesting variations on the theme that the Obama campaign has come up with. Check 'em out here.

The debate last night was a clear win for Obama. The manic McCain roamed nervously about, accused the composed Obama of "speaking loudly", misrepresented his own immoderate words in a political rally as a joke to a buddy! ("Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran!" Witness the truth for yourself below), repeated "my friends" more often than the sleasiest car salesman, and, again, avoided eye-contact with his opponent.

After watching three debates, I certainly know who I will support... That one!

(I found this logo at simplifythepositive, a fellow Georgia blogger.)

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