Thursday, October 16, 2008

John McCain's Worst Debate

Four debates. John McCain has debated Barack Obama three times. His strange running mate has (imagine McCain's air quotes and sarcastic smile here) "debated" Joe Biden once.
In each of the four cases the polls have inicated a clear win for the Democratic candidate. Last night was the biggest margin of victory for Obama yet.

McCain may have further solidified his base with his uncorked attack on Obama as a collaborater in "one of the greatest voter frauds in history." As the polls have verified his vitriol only further eroded his standing among the voters that will decide this race: the independents. What an incredible crock of unpleasantness from the party that perpetrated Florida 2000. First of all the fraud in the ACORN case is a fraud perpetrated against ACORN not by ACORN. Secondly, ACORN itself has alerted election officials to the possiblity of irregularities in some of the applications that they are required by law to turn over to the states even when they are suspicious of them. Finally, though these fake applications are an infuriating aggravation for state elections officials they do not represent a significant danger to the validity of the election. Election theft is much more likely, IMHO, from computer manipulation of paperless ballots.

Thank heavens for the immediate polling that is done nowadays. At least in the case of CNN the "spin room" has been abandoned in favor of a group of media commentators who, though mostly anxious to have a close race to boost ratings, temper their words until the polls come in.

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