Sunday, February 01, 2009

Lily's Bracelet

Lillian models the bracelet.

I am wearing a bracelet today. This is not a usual thing for me. I have never sported much flair. I wore the ring Sheila gave me on August 1, 1971 until she lost it when I entrusted it to her while I endured a kidney stone procedure a year or so ago. I wear silly ties occasionally at school. On silly hat days at our school I am a good sport.

But beginning today I am wearing a plastic wrist band with white and purple swirls and a message: "Weeding out Leukemia". I am wearing it for a beautiful and brave little seven year-old girl who is my great niece.


The band will remind me to do my little part (praying, training for the half-marathon fundraiser, spreading the word) in the battle against childhood cancer. If you would like to help, go to her website:

and make a donation. If there is a way to note that your donation is in sponsorship of Terrell and Sheila's efforts in the Country Music Half Marathon, she and I would appreciate that. 100% (97.5% if you use Paypal) of all donations to Lily's Garden will go toward conquering childhood cancer.

If you live around here and would like to wear a bracelet like mine, I have several. I'll be happy to share.


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