Wednesday, November 04, 2009

In Kettering, 4481 Voters See The Light

I came in dead last. But according to the last count, 4481 voters in the Kettering School Board race -- Kettering, Ohio -- voted for me. Obviously, these 4481 voters were the ones who had carefully studied this race in depth.

I did project a point of view in this election, and did outline a specific platform. Much more than the other candidates. Taking a stand probably has a bigger downside politically, than it does an upside. But, with the right campaign, I think I could have won.

I've got to wonder how many who voted for me had any idea what my point of view is. A number of people I spoke with would say, "I'm voting for you, because you asked me to." Some who voted for me might have liked my signs or liked the name, BOCK. Some probably voted for me because they completely misunderstand my point of view.

But some also said, "I'm going to carefully study the League of Women Voters Guide before I decide."

My statement in the guide, I will make as part of a request to the new board when it begins in January. Fate has made me an activist.

The League Statement:

Public education needs a big leap in quality — including a big leap in cost effectiveness. We need a ten year process of transformation that will result in a 21st century system of education. Community consensus is needed. Leadership is needed. The biggest challenge for the Kettering School Board is to lead the community in creating a shared vision of the future, and, in creating a well-thought out, long-term plan to bring that vision to reality

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