Sunday, July 01, 2007

Learning in the Great Outdoors of Kenya

Both of my daughters are now better traveled than their old man. The eldest took three months of 2005 to tour Europe with only a backpack as companion and no formal itinerary. The baby just returned from a five week academic/mission experience with a group from Mercer University that included three weeks living in tents in Kenya, studying the society and distributing treated mosquito netting to combat malaria.

My college roommate was a wonderful Kipsigis man, Solomon Lasoi. I always thought I'd eventually visit Solomon in Kenya. But Solomon is gone now. And my daughter has travelled to Kenya.

Lillian took tons of pictures of cute little Kenyan children, students building a mud and dung cooking hut, and the team distributing their mosquito nets. But today I'd like to show off a few of her photographs of the wonderful animals of that beautiful land. (Other great pictures of Kenya are available on my niece Lisette's web site. Lisette has just finished her first year as a teacher in a mission school in Tenwek, Kenya.)

My last words to Lillian at the Atlanta airport as she walked towards the frisking station were: "Stay away from crocodiles!"

This reptile is ninety-five years old and going strong.

As the team settled into their first camp they were surprised by this ostrich. They grabbed cameras and busied themselves in recording what seemed a remarkable first encounter with Kenyan wildlife. As it turned out this gal was a permanent camp fixture. Her name is Shaniqua.

Zebras are omnipresent in the Great Rift Valley.

During the last week in Kenya the Mercer on Mission group got to spend one day on safari in the Maasai Mara.

A face only a mama could love.

Several in the group accepted giraffe kisses: Lillian passed that privilege up.

A scene from the van.

Looks like she's got the road.

Kitty, kitty. kitty...

A young African elephant glances at the curious Homo sapiens.

In Kampi ya Samaki (Camp of the Fish), Lillian tries on a shawl to compliment her kanga.

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