Saturday, July 28, 2007

My Little Angel

Yesterday was the nineteenth birthday of my littlest angel, Lillian. I posted a group of photos via youTube. My eldest has requested that I also post the "demon" pic.

We had just purchased the 1869 disaster area on Avenue A and were planning to begin morphing it into our dream palace. (As it turned out life intervened and the project took us several years.) We thought a photo of the whole clan dressed in red and brandishing building tools in front of the dilapidated old house would be appropriate for our Christmas card. So we called on our photograher friend from across the street, now the Downright-Reverend Frank, to do the honors. He got some great shots, but unfortunately Lillian's patience grew short as the session grew long. My strong-willed child willed the photo shoot to end and made her will plain for all to see. Frank captured that. You'll note her elder sister applied the appropriate appendages to Lil's noggin.

Christmas spirit?

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