Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Vote2008Video/Iraq: Hillary Clinton

This is the first in a continuing series of posts to point the way to what the candidates are actually saying on the issues. In the debate last night, despite being also very pleased with Edwards, Biden, Obama, Dodd, and Richardson, I was most impressed with Senator Clinton, as I reported below. In reading that post over, I thought: I'm no better than the goofusses at CNN who are busy making the horserace-meter of one little focus group the BIG STORY of the debate. I watched the debate. It was a good one. Why not show us more of what the candidates actually said and less of what your little roomful thought of it! Although I was very pleased with the manner in which Senator Clinton acquitted herself last evening, I was also pleased with the substance of her remarks. So here is my little effort to inform the debate by helping my readers hear what the candidates are actually saying on the issues.

I did not find, in a quick search, the video of Hillary Clinton's responses about the war from the debate last night, but I did find a video, produced by her campaign, which actually expands on what she was able to say in the debate.

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