Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Man of Character

Many Republicans are still livid in 2008 because President Bill Clinton misbehaved sexually while he was President. They even "despise" his wife -- I suppose for reconciling with him. These folks who could never vote for such a "sleazeball" are now proclaiming their never-dying love for a "man of character" named John McCain.

Well, fact is, the "sleazeball" managed to repair the damage he did to his family enough to save his marriage. The "man of character" ran around on his disabled wife, surprised with divorce papers this woman who had waited at home loyally during his years of captivity, and married his multi-millionaire, young trophy mistress a month after dumping wife number one.

Later he bragged about his "courage" in leaving a failing marriage.
"Today, in our excessively psychoanalyzed society, sharing one's secret fears with others takes courage. So does escaping a failing marriage."
Source: John McCain and Marshall Salter, Why Courage Matters: The Way to a Braver Life, page 14.
Such character! Of course he voted to impeach Bill Clinton for lying about his sexual misbehavior.

I actually don't believe McCain's loathesome personal behavior disqualifies him for President - his policies do that. But it is just fun to remind my Republican friends of their words about Clinton when they beatifically promote their "man of character" for President.

The London Daily Mail has the story of McCain's personal character here.

Thanks to SW at Oh!Pinion for pointing the way to this article.

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