Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sunday Concert: Yours Truly

I love to sing and act. A couple of years ago I had the great privilege of playing the tortured Arcibald Craven in the beautiful musical The Secret Garden. I was especially pleased that my co-stars in that production included both my daughters, Lillian as Rose and Brannon as Martha.

Angela Flanagan McRee performed the role of Lily, Archie's late and lamented wife. Angela is owner, with her husband Ben, of Musikworks and also my voice coach. Several months ago she asked if I would mind her posting our duet from The Secret Garden on the Musikworks website as a sample of her vocal talents. I was pleased to agree. Today I happened to think of that and checked it out. Sure enough there we are. Looks like I could do better than a peck on the forehead for a stage kiss. And the lighting is not great. But here we are out on a limb at the Rome City Auditorium.

Click to see and hear Angela McRee and Terrell Shaw performing "How Could I Ever Know" from The Secret Garden.

Click here to see pictures from the production.

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