Sunday, June 08, 2008

Am I Spam?

Blogger seems to think my blog is spam! Can anyone explain to me why this is so? This blog has three people approved to post. I have written at least 95% of the posts. Mike Bock has been shirking his duties to the limb of late. He represents the rest of the posts. Mike Burton signed up to post, but he's never gotten a round tuit. [Someone please send him one soon.] I post a link to a youTube video most Sundays. I post a poem many Mondays. I occasionally post an excerpt from someone else's blog. I host a carnival frequently but not for a few months now. The huge majority of what gets posted is the genius [;-)] of my grey matter only. No one is forced to read it. It isn't uploaded unless I (or occasionally Mike) presses the button.

I have appealed more than once. I can understand how someone might disagree mightily with some of what I write. I cannot understand how anyone looking at it would think it spam. Blogger doesn't explain, they just tell you to read their boiler plate on spam.

My readership has decreased since I was so classified.


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