Sunday, June 01, 2008

Miscellaneous Nature

A few nature shots to share from the last few days:

This salamander lives in our little brook which flows into Armuchee Creek in Floyd County GA. Is there a herp buff out there? Who is this fellow?

This pair were very upset with their reflections in my truck mirrors and windows. Am I safe in calling them Eastern Bluebirds?

This guy looks like the Eastern Kingbird in my book. A very handsome, formally attired guy hanging around our classroom garden.

Rat snakes are seeking an education in our area. The first fellow slithered right through the middle of two or three hundred eight, nine, and ten-year-olds at recess. Imagine a circle of fifty fascinated kids out of the camera's line of sight.

Then his cousin wandered across the drive. He was lucky I was there to fend off the only-good-snake's-a-dead-snake caucus.

Our Virginia pines look like a very rude kid has passed by - spittle bugs are eveywhere.

The beautiful Tulip Tree blossums litter the nature trail after a spring rain.

The Indian Pinks are not real showy yet, but they are getting there.

An Eastern Comma butterfly visited the stream as we waded.

I take this fellow to be Downy Woodpecker.

And the darners are all over the pond area.

These red aphids are feasting in the library garden. (Uroleucon ambrosiae?)

Dadgum William Shakespeare for mentioning Starlings in his writing.

This squirrel likes our black walnuts.

And our state bird, the Brown Thrasher looks for morsels in the lawn.

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