Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mrs. Tebow's Choice

According to reports:

Twenty-odd years ago a young woman was advised to abort the human seed growing in her body. Doctors feared her necessary medical treatments would seriously damage her baby. She had a choice to make and chose instead to allow that sprouting embryo to grow. She would pray for a healthy baby but accept the outcome whatever it was. After exiting her womb, that bundle of potentiality became one of the great college football players of all time.

I applaud her choice.

I am glad she had a choice to make.

I could not criticize her if her choice had been the reverse.

Now, the fact is, an abortion is ALWAYS a brutal, painful, agonizing, choice to make. Anyone who tries to trivialize it is foolish, in my book. Anyone who would use abortion as casually as spermicide or a condom will rue that choice if they have an ounce of humanity. We are doing a great disservice to the young women of our country by so callously accepting the huge number of abortions currently happening. That such an astronomical number of our young women are allowing themselves to be used by uncommitted men is painful to me. That this joyless debauchery is resulting in way too many young women having unwanted pregnancies and then way too many abortions is sad. If we believe to our bones, as I do, that women have an unalienable right to choose abortion, and also believe that abortion is harmful to the women involved, we have a responsibilty to work to prevent that choice from having to be made so often.

The response by some pro-choice groups to the case above will do more damage to the pro-choice cause than fifty anti-abortion Super Bowl ads. The majority of Americans are pro-choice AND anti-abortion. If the screamers appear, as they do, pro-abortion, they will offend at least three-quarters of the people paying attention, in my opinion. They offend me.

The proper attitude of pro-choice groups should be to applaud that mother for the choice she made two decades ago and to proclaim their dedication to assuring that all women continue to have a choice.

Abortion should be safe, legal... and rare.

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