Sunday, January 31, 2010

Save the Coosa River Basin!

The Etowah Darter (from the CRBI website)

Please consider joining the Coosa River Basin Initiative for 2010. Dues are $35. The mission of this wonderful grass-roots environmental organization is to preserve and protect the Coosa River watershed, so vital to the health, economy, recreation, and wildlife of all of Northwest Georgia. Immediate and important battles coming up in the new year include:

• protecting our watershed and others from the transfer of millions of addition gallons per day to satisfy that leaky wasteful behemoth Atlanta that sucks so much already from Lake Lanier and the little Chattahoochee daily. Sign the No Water Grabs petition!
• stopping overdevelopment in the floodplain of the Coosa, the Etowah, and the Oostanaula, including the incredible plan for the City of Rome to gift 60 wetland acres of our central park in the very heart of Rome to developers for a song, allowing the developers to fill the duck pond and wetland with dirt and erect yet another strip shopping center within a mile of what must surely be acres of unoccupied retail, office, and commercial space.

I am a newly elected member of the board of directors of CRBI and I'd love to feel that I had a part in drumming up some more help. If we do not let our city, county, and state leaders know that we oppose these unhealthy, and really unwise policies, our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren will miss out on having this wonderful wetland and greenspace in the center of our city. And they will not continue to have the river system with the most diverse ecology in the US, as they do now.

CRBI is the most effective force for the environment we have in Northwest Georgia. Be a part of it.

Can you tell I feel strongly about this?

Visit for more facts and membership info.

And join the Facebook CRBI cause:

Sign the No Water Grabs petition.

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