Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Real Children Need Real Solutions

I have no problems with sporting hunters, target shooters, or the owning of firearms for self-protection. There was certainly a need in the 1700s and later for a well-armed militia. (We have the greatest standing military in the world now.) So I have no problem with reasonable interpretations of the Second Amendment. (You can tell there's a big "but" coming, can't you?)

BUT, that doesn't mean assault weapons and huge clips should be available to the general population or that crazy folk should be allowed arms, or that arms should be allowed into any and every location in the country.

It is time to get rid of assault weapons and big clips and to close gun show loopholes, and make sure reasonable limitations can be established to give us a shot(!) at preventing the slaughter that happens every year in this wonderful country.

Guns don't kill people, but often people who shouldn't have guns do, and they use them to kill thousands of people in America every year.

BTW Someone is going to be tempted to suggest arming teachers. Please don't. Even if that weren't insane on the face of it, it would be insanely impossible politically. Let's keep the discussion in the real world where 20 real first graders were shot and killed last Friday along with thousands of real Americans over the last 12 months.

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  1. Past administrations, including the current of this state (GA), has apparently deemed mental health care a luxury. Therein lies the bulk of the problem, and solution. Improve the accessibility to affordable mental health care, and as you mentioned, vast improvements to gun regulation.