Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Exchanging Gifts

What gifts will you bring your Papa?
Pure  gold, however they’re made—
Wrapped in sunshine smiles;
Tied up with love that won’t fade.

What gift will you bring your Lover?
Its rich, whatever you’ve spent,
You’ve paid thrice in sweat and tears
and my promises, broken or bent.

What gifts can I bring my daughters?
What present is worthy my wife?
Tawdry trinkets diamonds would seem
On these precious true-treasures of life.

- by Terrell Shaw

A tawdry trinket I wrote for Sheila and the girls twenty years ago.

For the last several years we have celebrated Christmas differently. We have de-emphasized shopping, preferring to make donations and give memories. We have more possessions than we need. Gifts have more often been theater tickets, voice or dance lessons, and such rather than sweaters and tool kits. Apologies to the Christmas-Season-dependent businesses.

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  1. Merry Christmas to you and to those whom you love.