Friday, February 10, 2006

The First Thirteen Enjoyable TV Shows
That Come to Mind (A Little Late)

I'll do this again sometime: I've only scratched the surface.
  1. MASH - I liked the movie too, though it was a whole 'nother animal. Like most of these shows, the characters became fancied friends, who sometimes drove me up a wall, but still I loved 'em.
  2. All in the Family - My favorite bigot.
  3. The Andy Griffith Show - a smart, heart-warming show.
  4. The Actors' Studio - I'm an acting nerd. What a treat to have a intimate interview with Robin Williams. To watch that genius totally unpluggled like that is sheer joy.
  5. L.A. Law - My stomach still turns over when I think of that elevator plunge. Maybe we should do Thirteen Classic Character Final Exits.
  6. Crossfire - For a political junkie who has put up for years with the over-abundance of conservative pundits on talk radio and TV, what a treat to watch Michael or Paul, so politely, destroy the blow-hards.
  7. Prime Minister's Questions - I like our system, but wouldn't it be great to watch, occasionally, the Shrub squirm were he to face real grilling by the opposition.
  8. Law and Order - Sheila got hooked and soon I was a fan of Lenny and Co. too. We even have the book!
  9. The West Wing - A lifesaver since 2001. I am in love with C.J. and Donna. Don't tell Sheila.
  10. The Popeye Club (Officer Don) - I saw two live Officer Don shows, one in Griffin and one in Ellijay.
  11. Fury - I never missed Fury on Saturday mornings.
  12. Tenspeed and Brownshoe - Didn't last long but Jeff Goldblum and Ben Vereen had great chemistry. It should have been a hit. What talented actors. Does this show ever re-run?
  13. The News (Huntley-Brinkley/Cronkite/Today Show/CNN/C-Span) - I've always been a news junkie.
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