Thursday, February 02, 2006

Terrell's Thurday Thirteen

Thirteen Questions/Assignments
Here's my own answers to my little Thursday Thirteen meme. You, dear reader, are welcome to copy it at will, substitute your own responses and spread it far and wide as long as you include my link. I'd like to see what the blogoshere comes up with as a result -- especially for number 12 and number 13. Here we go:
  1. What is your earliest memory? I have several vague memories of my first three years as a toddler in Milstead, Georgia, any or all of which may be colored by time, retellings, and relatives' stories. I remember walking with my two older sisters to take my Daddy his lunch at Calloway Mills. I also remember seeing an old flat-bed truck loaded with a dozen or more dead dogs during a rabies epidemic, a very graphic memory that may have been a dream instead, I don't know.
  2. What was your longest hike? The walk from Mrs. Knight's sixth grade classroom to Mr. Beaver's (the principal) office, comes to mind. Also several walks to the back yard and back for switches. Literally, a two-day hike in the Cohuttas, I guess.
  3. When were you most alone? Several occasions during my bachelor days in West Virginia, 1969-70, felt mighty lonesome. Once in Christman's Cave in Kentucky, I was stuck without a light for a few minutes while some friends explored a side cavern and I meditated in the blackness... absolute dark is lonesome.
  4. Describe a carefree moment of your life: Our honeymoon in 1971. We paid a ridiculously tiny fee to rent the only tiny cabin at St. Joseph's State Park on Cape San Blas, and had 15 miles of beach to ourselves in the evenings when the park was closed. The future looked absolutely blissful and opportunity-filled and I was hopelessly, toes-to-topknot, in love.
  5. What has been your most daring moment? When I walked into the Superintendent's office in 1988 and asked to be released from my teaching contract so I could attend my growing little business full-time. Climbing up and rappelling off a high cliff in West Virginia was a rush, too.
  6. Describe what you admire about someone you consider a personal hero/heroine: I have lots of candidates: My mother, my wife, my daughters, my granddaddy, etc. etc. But since this is "Alone on a Limb" I think I'll pick one of my political heroes. Jimmy Carter is a hero of mine: for his intelligence; his practical and ferocious political skills; for his determination to govern as the President of a country, not a party; for his resolute, consistent choice of right over political expediency; for his stubbornness, in defeat, to continue to make a positive difference for his country and the world.
  7. What is your most interesting/outstanding talent? I love to sing, act, and tell stories. Some folks seem to like to hear me.
  8. You have won a free seven day airfare to the destination of your choice. Where and why? This is a very difficult choice. Probably England. I've never been to Europe. With only seven days I think London would give me an opportunity to see some great plays and visit interesting sites. On the other hand I might get greedy and visit the most-expensive-to-get-to-place (China?, Japan?, New Zealand?) and save London for a trip on my on. I'd have a ball, regardless of the destination!
  9. Climb aboard my time/space machine. You get one turn and must return after the equivalent of a week's visit. Where, when, and why? The Constitutional Convention, maybe? I revere the folks involved and would love to ask them for their views on current issues. Or, more likely -- push coming to shove, Daddy Shaw's barber shop in Milstead, Georgia, about 1955, with all the Shaw boys (and Trouble, the Boston Terrier) in attendance with a side trip down to Porterdale to see Mama Baird, Aunt Mary, and all the Baird Clan.
  10. You have been appointed executor of my $10,000,000 charitable bequest. How will you use it?
    I would set up a Terrell & Sheila Shaw foundation, proceeds of which would be used to fund regular donations to:
    - the Carter Center
    - Democratic candidates of my choice
    - a new Rome Theater Alliance to provide: building maintenance/acquisition monies for Rome Little Theater/RTA; an endowed guest director fund for RTA; a full-time community theatre director and support staff to coordinate joint projects and joint promotion for all willing alliance participants (RLT, Stars, Icon, Antidote, R.O.M.E., Darlington, Rome High, GHC, Shorter, Berry, etc.)
    - a Bill of Rights Education Foundation
    - and charities such as Trinity United Methodist Church, the Open Door Home, Methodist disaster relief efforts, etc.
  11. What is your proudest accomplishment? Brannon and Lillian, they are both ethical, caring, creative, independent, intelligent, and thoughtful. No father could be better pleased with his offspring.
  12. What question/assignment would you add to this meme? (Let me know!) Look, I came up with twelve! Somebody else can handle this one.
  13. Write a seven line poem (diamante) about a person, place, or thing this meme has brought to mind. Use this form:


bewildering black,
listening, sniffing, feeling.
Strain ears! Stretch thought!
Wondering, guessing, searching
beyond forever.

Diamante diagram taken from this website:

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