Thursday, February 23, 2006

TT: 13 Great Posts

Thirteen Great Posts

A hodgepodge of blogs and other web posts that I have found interesting, inspiring, enlightening, or otherwise extraordinary. Check 'em out.
  1. The Questing Parson Visits A Pianist.
  2. Leonard Pitts On The Frightened Right
  3. Ben Witherington On Trading Rights For Security
  4. A Tribute To A Very Special Mother - Mine
  5. 83 Tributes to My Mother
  6. Freedom Of Speech/Respect For Religion
  7. Imagine!
  8. Mike's Memories
  9. Test Your LQ Here (BTW I Flunked)
  10. A Favorite 13 for Thursday
  11. Washington's Pants (Scroll Down)
  12. And Why In the World Do Men's Pants Have Flies? (Scroll Down)
  13. Once people make your story, their story,
    you have tapped into the powerful force of faith.

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