Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday Concert: Peace in the Valley

It's kinda embarrassing, but it's true.

So, friends, I'm gonna fess up. Despite the fact that his beliefs are very different from mine -- I doubt seriously that "speaking in tongues" should mean speaking in gibberish --, and despite the fact that he lives high on the hog off the po' folks who support his ministry, and despite his personal scandals, I listen to his music when I catch his broadcast on the Telly. I love to hear this guy sing and play the piano!

Jimmy Swaggart may be a rank sinner (like me) but I'm not sure anyone can sing and play like that with out some sincerity down deep. His music is something beyond gospel; it is jazz. Like his cousins, Jerry Lee Lewis and Mickey Gilley, Jimmy can flat tickle those ivories!

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