Thursday, November 29, 2007

How to Make the Big Leap Needed To Become An Effective Alternative Media?

I’ve been blogging a little at DaytonOS and yesterday I posted a blog entitled, “Our Democracy Must Be Revived -- If We Hope To Achieve The Dreams of Our Wisest and Best”

It seemed to take me all day to assemble my thoughts in this article. I’m trying to discipline myself to write something at least once a week -- to contribute to DaytonOS. Yesterday, I kept revising my thoughts.

My hope for DaytonOS is that it helps with the reviving of our democracy -- by developing itself as an alternative media source in the Dayton area -- and that it develops a core group of dedicated members sufficiently large to impact Dayton's political processes. An authentic alternative media site could have a huge impact on our politics, because it would be a force for genuine democracy. An effective alternative media would help voters become thoroughly informed about issues and candidates. An effective alternative media would help set in place reforms within our local political parties.

I’m thinking that to have any claim to being an effective alternative media for Dayton, we need to develop an internet community of at least 10,000 Dayton voters. Right now DaytonOS seems to have a core following, I’m guessing, of maybe 200 individuals. So, we need to make a very big leap. I’m trying to think through how we can make the big leap from where we are now to where we should be.

One help to making the big leap, I’m thinking about, is the production of original videos. Original short videos posted on a web-site could attract a lot of attention. I’m putting my thoughts together as to how to involve local high schools and colleges in the production of short educational videos -- videos that, in turn, would be posted on DaytonOS and would be the basis for community discussions on DaytonOS.

I think we could appeal to the whole Dayton area that the effective use of technology is consistent with Dayton’s reputation as a city of innovation. For our times, what it means to be a city of innovation is to use technology creatively and effectively. Creating an authentic learning community via the internet -- that unites the region in meaningful civic education and in meaningful discussion -- would be a great goal for any city, and for that reason, I’m thinking that, if DaytonOS can establish itself as a viable entity, it may receive unexpected support.

So, anyway that's what I've been thinking about lately. And I'm thinking, wow, I need to get into gear. I’m reminded of the phrase that starts, “If wishes were horses ...” At least I did my thoughtful best on that one article this week.

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