Sunday, November 04, 2007

"I Rank First on Google" Meme

Can you find five phrases that when Googled will turn up your blog as the first result? I found this little meme at If I Ran the Zoo. He borrowed it "... Via Shakespeare's Sister (and originally from the World's Fair)..." (warning: some of these bloggers use language that I eschew.)

Here's what I came up with:
1. "alone on a limb" (of course)
2. "poem to start the week" (I post one most Mondays.)
3. "loathsome President" (Can I be alone in this opinion? Nope. But I am the latest to use the phrase.)
4. "learning in the great outdoors" (I am late with it for November! Here's September. Someone volunteered to host and Mr. Organization cannot find the e-mail. If you read this, kind volunteer, resend!)
5. "neat underwear drawers" (I am not only first, but evidently the only blogger in the world ever to have posted that three word combination. Me!! It was in one of my alltime favorite posts. -- Of course folks who read this as redundant might think it odd to use drawers as outerwear, neat or wrinkled!)

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