Thursday, November 01, 2007

A bit more on waterboarding torture

Have you noticed that the media keep referring to waterboarding as "simulation of drowning"?

Sounds like some sort of parlor game doesn't it.

If I understand it correctly waterboarding is more appropriately described as aborted drowning. The victim actually inhales more and more water as his torture is administered. As his lungs fill with water he is not experiencing simulated drowning but is, in fact, drowning. If the attending ghouls pay close enough attention, he is rescued just short of death and the drowning is aborted.

I wonder:

Would our loathsome President and his ghoulish nominee for the highest legal office in the land declare "The rack is torture." After all, one could stop the crank just short of death? Even have an attending medical officer.

I heard our Head of State speak from his bully pulpit today. Our great moral leader says that those of us who want our chief legal officer to say America will not waterboard are playing politics.

It is not politics, Mr. President. It is principle.

Happy Halloween, America. Jason lives in the White House.

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