Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy Christmas to All!

Unto You A Child Is Born!
Last Christmas Eve my daughters, wife, and I worshipped with a wonderful assortment of folks in Manhatten. We heard beautiful music and the Christmas story in a little oasis of peaceful contemplation in the heart of the Big Apple.

Tonight we returned to our usual Christmas Eve custom. A custom from my teen years in the early sixties and one we have observed almost every Christmas Eve since 1982.We participated in the annual Live Nativity Scene at our church, Trinity United Methodist, in Rome, Georgia. We stood silently for 30 minutes as beautiful Christmas music played and we contemplated that Christmas Eve 2000 years ago. (Actually we had taken another turn on Friday night as well.) If you'd like to see pics visit my neice's blog at Reasoned (sic) (grin) Audacity. I'm the Wise Man (Wise Guy?) in the left foreground.

What a great way to prepare for Christmas. After days of hectic shopping, wrapping, budgeting, programs, school holiday activities, etc., etc., etc., etc., ... a quiet time of serious reflection on the wonder, joy, history, and meaning of all the commotion.

Happy Christmas to every one who reads these words!

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