Sunday, December 25, 2005

Separated at Birth

Terrell's Celebrity Twin
My sister at Daddy's Roses has linked to the site above that compares your very own uploaded facial image to the faces of a gazillion celebrities and declares which you most closely resemble -- physically, not emotionally, politically, intellectually or etceterally. So my Grand Trivia question of today is: Who is Terrell's Celebrity Twin? On your honor, now, make a guess in a comment before you visit the answer. Repeating: Do not Click the following link until you have made a guess. Hint: it is not (??!!) Robert Redford or Tom Cruise. (The best full-face image of myself I could find quickly was the one at the left: I was in make-up for the role of Maurice in Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Do you think that affected the match?)

Separated at Birth: Terrell and ???????

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