Saturday, December 17, 2005

World Travel

I need to see more of the world!

It's been quiet on my limb this week. Too busy with school, family, Christmas, and drama. With my daughter just home from gallavanting through Europe, I got to thinking about the limited traveling I've done myself. I've visited the states colored red on this map.

(You can create your own personalized map of the USA.)

I have also visited two provinces of Canada.

(You can create your own personalized map of Canada.)

(Create your own visited country map.)

That's my full 58 years of travel.

Meanwhile my 22 year-old-daughter has visited 14 European countries!

(You can create your personalized map of Europe.)

Read about her 100 days in Europe or see her pictures here.

I have my passport now, so who knows, maybe I'll take off and explore one day.

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