Friday, December 30, 2005

I wish you enough.

Recommended from the Limb

I can say it no better than my mother already has said it at Ruthlace. Check it out.

Also, please remember to check my Grand Trivia blog occasionally, out of pity for me. (Carol says begging helps.) I have at least three unanswered trivia questions there.

Where is America's City of Bridges?
Which is the Deadliest Mammal in America (not counting humans)?
Where is the World's Largest College Campus?

Jane used Google to discover our highest ranking officer to wade ashore in Normandy on D-Day. Do you know who he was?
Enough for 2005 was getting my eldest back safe and sound from 100 days with a backpack in Europe. You can read about it and see her pictures at Bran's Euro Trip. Now she will be off for another three months beginning January 9 doing a Fifties Revue at Cypress Gardens in Winter Haven, Florida. Wow! Maybe there'll be a new Brannon Blog.

I hope the new year brings "enough" for each of the readers of this blog.

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