Monday, December 12, 2005

Person of the Year!!

I am Time's Person of the Year!

Click on the link above.

Y'all aren't surprised I'm sure, that Time Magazine put up a huge electronic bulletin board on Time Square in New York announcing me, by face, not by name, as their Person of the Year.

This is supposedly an actual undoctored photo according to my friend, Barbara Myers, who sent in a bunch of pics from Stars in Our Eyes to the Time Magazine promotion and mine is one that made it through. I would have chosen a different pic. And it would have been nice if my name were attached. Strange, huh? Wouldn't it be interesting if someone who would actually recognise me saw it. Or do they flash them subliminally?

I've got to find out more about this promo!


Aha!! I did find out. Try these links:
Brannon on Broadway 1
Lillian on Broadway 1
Brannon on Broadway 2
Lillian on Broadway 2
Brannon on Broadway 3
Lillian on Broadway 3
Brannon on Broadway 4
Brannon on Broadway 5
Terrell & Sheila on Broadway

What a silly use of time!

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